I have built a life creating and managing startups while traveling the world!

I have lived in Spain, Argentina, Nicaragua, Hungary, and traveled all over the world – to over 24 countries, WHILE I have been building and growing my startups, which I call Anywhere Startups.

LiveWorkAnywhere exists to give you advice and resources from what I’ve learned and also bring you what others have to share. Resources that I wish I had when I was starting out.

Check out the blog for a few tips, see what others are saying, read some of my personal travel stories, take a course on how to build an Anywhere Startup, check out a few Interviews and Stories, or become a member to get access to cool stuff. Or sign up to newsletter to hear very infrequent updates – I promise to only send awesome content to help you live & work anywhere.

The True Cost of Working While Traveling: Budget for Remote Live & Work

I stayed in a hostel, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The cost was $22 Canadian per night, or USD $20 at the time.  It was rated the number. 1 hostel in the world and it's one of the best I've ever stayed in. If I were to stay for 1 month that means $600 USD / month.  The hostel has a kitchen with free coffee.  That saves me $5 per day on coffee or tea, or $150 USD per month. I Read More

Managing your finances while living working remotely

I am not a huge fan of Bank of America (or any giant bank for that matter).   BofA caused my loan to default after almost a decade of no late payments due to someone leaving who was handling my refinance.  Their internal processes were broken.  In the middle of the process, they sold my home loan to another bank. But, I still have personal banking with them. The reason I am still with them is the same reason for which I chose Read More

Why Hostels are Great Places to Stay

Hostels in the US are not very common.  There's a perception as well about hostels for many in the US.   They aren't clean, your stuff will get stolen, etc.  But, I've stayed in hundreds of hostels all over the world and I dig hostels.  Here's why: meet people from all over the world never feel like you're traveling alone always located in a great part of town always have guides, maps, etc to help you know where to go Read More

Mobility Criteria

15 Mobility Criteria That Will Help You Successfully Live and Work Anywhere If you’ve followed my blog at all, then you know that I can literally live and work anywhere in the world that I choose. In fact, right now, you’ll likely find me in one of two locations: New York or Seattle. Although they may be on different sides of the U.S., I am able to call each one “home” due to the fact that I follow what I Read More


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