I have built a life creating and managing startups while traveling the world!

I have lived in Spain, Argentina, Nicaragua, Hungary, and traveled all over the world – to over 24 countries, WHILE I have been building and growing my startups, which I call Anywhere Startups.

LiveWorkAnywhere exists to give you advice and resources from what I’ve learned and also bring you what others have to share. Resources that I wish I had when I was starting out.

Check out the blog for a few tips, see what others are saying, read some of my personal travel stories, take a course on how to build an Anywhere Startup, check out a few Interviews and Stories, or become a member to get access to cool stuff. Or sign up to newsletter to hear very infrequent updates – I promise to only send awesome content to help you live & work anywhere.

How baby boomers can work remotely from the Internet

baby boomer on laptop

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that baby boomers can choose to work from anywhere.  Baby boomers who are looking to retire have built up certain skill sets, which I would argue, are nearly 100% transferrable to the LiveWorkAnywhere model. The Internet is only getting stronger, and spans every major city to most small towns across the globe.  Finding flexible work that allows you to be anywhere, work when you want, around your schedule and your family's schedule, is Read More

Can I text via SMS? Using your cell phone overseas to text.

sms text

"I can still use text messaging while I'm traveling" my friend just said, "I just have to use wifi".  True or false? The answer is both.  But you'd better be careful. Can you use SMS messaging over wifi using your regular cellular service? No!  You will get charged data roaming charges if you step off your own land and into another country without turning off your cell phone carrier data. Always make sure to turn off your cell phone provider Read More

Work from Anywhere! The CoWorking Movement


Co-working spaces have popped up all over the globe.  I have personally been working out of WeWork for over 3 years out of NYC. We started as a small, invite-only, incubation space in WeWork Soho.  Our space was more or less like your typical co-working space for startups, called WeWork Labs. Since 2011, WeWork has grown to over 10 locations in New York, 2 in Boston, 2 in Washington DC, and 1 in Seattle.  Each city now has its own Read More

Ever Had a Bad Experience with a Freelancer?

Most people have horror stories.   Has this ever happened to you?  You have said things like: People are unreliable, they lie about the job they can take on, they disappear without a trace, they stole your code, the quality of work is shamelessly poor, and so on. You are not alone.  Why, in a world where remote work is coming of age and Internet is everywhere do we have so many problems, still, finding great freelance talent? Here are Read More


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