Digital Nomad Tools & Services

A digital nomad, remote worker, and a location independent entrepreneur need tools and services that help support their business, remote career, and lifestyle. Here are some reviews of the best tools, products and services so you can run your business, keep traveling, and keep living and working from anywhere in the world online!

  • 9 Movies About Nomads That Will Inspire You To Explore The World 9 Movies About Nomads That Will Inspire You To Explore The World - Traveling can profoundly affect one’s soul by broadening one’s perspective and understanding of the world. It can also help break down cultural barriers and prejudices and foster empathy and compassion for others. However, recent travel restrictions have made it challenging to go out and explore the world. So, for now, one good way to plan […]
  • Best Video Conferencing Lights for Digital Nomads [2023] - A video conferencing light plays a crucial role in Zoom meetings and other video calls as it greatly impacts the visual quality of the video and can affect the overall experience of the conversation. Good lighting can enhance the appearance of the person on camera and make the video appear more professional and polished. On […]
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  • Top 7 International Communications Apps To Use While Traveling Top 7 International Communication Apps To Use While Traveling [2022] - Best Way to Communicate Internationally: Top 7 While it is certainly nice to get away, it’s also nice to stay in touch with family and friends along the way. Whether you want to share your stories and pictures of your travels, or send SMS messages to simply say, “I’m okay,” it’s necessary to maintain contact […]
  • Best laptops for digital nomads Best Laptops for Digital Nomads [2022] - A laptop is a digital nomad’s best friend. Most remote workers can get by with virtually any type of laptop, but that’s not the case for digital nomads. Finding the best laptops for digital nomads is a top priority if you want to have a smooth sailing remote work experience. Besides, it’s called a “laptop […]
  • Tax & Accounting Software Best Accounting & Tax Software for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads - Ah, the dreaded tax season. The good news is if your taxes are fairly straightforward, you can file your taxes online pretty easily. We’ve assembled a list of the best tax software for remote workers and digital nomads. Save time and stay on top of taxes – so you can get back to living and […]
  • Best Remote Jobs: Work from Anywhere [2022] - How do you find the best remote jobs out there? The best thing you can do is connect your passion with the world’s needs. Have freedom on top of that by being remote. “Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” ― Frederick Buechner By the end of 2020, more […]
  • liveworkanywhere Best Mobile Hotspot Devices [2022] - WiFi is the lifeblood of any digital nomad, but it’s often the most challenging to access. After all, how will you stay connected with your clients and deadlines if you don’t have a reliable internet connection? That said, though, finding good signal can be challenging even in more developed areas like cafes or hotels. Meanwhile, […]
  • virtual mailbox - get your postal mail anywhere 9+ BEST Virtual Mailbox Services [2022] - Virtual mailbox services are a must for the digital nomad and remote worker toolbox. If you work from anywhere – you have to have a way to get your physical mail. Fortunately, you can have a permanent street address and get your postal mail online. I’ll walk through the ins and outs of virtual mailbox […]
  • 7 Best Credit Cards for Travel Rewards 7 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards - About Latest Posts Libby TuckerFounder at LiveWorkAnywhereLibby hasn't set foot in an office for 15 years. She's been working 100% remotely for venture-backed tech startups in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, and Austin from her houseboat, tug boat, and van - and 30+ countries since she left the office behind.She engineered her retirement from the […]