Digital Nomad Courses that Teach You How to Live and Work Anywhere. Remote Work Courses to Land Your Ideal Remote Job

Are you an aspiring digital nomad and want to learn what it takes to successfully live and work from anywhere? Are you looking to work remotely but not sure how to get started or if your skills translate online? We’ve compiled courses to help you either start the online business or side hustle you’ve dreamed of, or package your skills to work remotely. If you already have skills or want to find a remote job, you can browse jobs or sign up for our talent network.


LiveWorkAnywhere Intro

There’s a lot to cover, but this class will empower your first steps towards freedom and creating a plan to get up and go!
You’ll learn how to:

  • manage your schedule
  • hire and manage employees
  • manage your finances
  • manage your documents and files
  • communicate overseas
  • speed network
Create an Anywhere Startup to Live Work Anywhere

Anywhere Startup Course

Now this course gets into the nitty gritty. In the LiveWorkAnywhere Intro course, we focused on the basic principles. Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty and actually build a startup that allows you to live and work from anywhere. Yes, there are technical skills required – but don’t worry, you can learn them.

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Recommended courses for Working Remotely and Starting or Growing Your Online Business 


Working Remotely - Productivity, Skills, Setup 


Entry Level Remote Jobs Live Work Anywhere


Courses for entry level remote jobs.  If you're just starting out and not sure where to start, how to package or translate your skills <link> to your first remote job.  Data entry, virtual assistant, social media manager, coding schools, etc.

Mid Level Remote Jobs Live Work Anywhere


You’re a couple years in and want to learn a little bit more, or already have some basic skills. Courses around digital marketing, content, advancing coding, etc.

Highly Skilled Remote Jobs Live Work Anywhere


You’ve already been working remotely, or ready to leave the corporate world and want to go remote.  Advancing programming, SEO, content, Adwords (digital marketing), growth hacking, etc

Starting or Growing an Online Business - Types of Online Businesses, Operationalizing, Scaling, Tools 
Starting an Online Business Courses Live Work Anywhere


You’ve always wanted to start your own online business but not sure where to start.  Finding the track that’s right for you - coaching, consulting, affiliate, e-commerce, dropshipping, blogging, running a startup, etc

Growing/Marketing an Online Business Courses Live Work


Not that you’ve decided your path and have a digital presence, how to grow and market your company.  Sales funnels, landing pages, ads, social media - Instagram, YouTube, etc

Automation an Online Business Courses Live Work Anywhere


Everything you need to operationalize your business so it can run without you.  Courses related to automated campaigns, email sequences and workflows, virtual assistants, analytics.