Courses for Entry Level Remote Jobs

Entry Level Remote Jobs

Translating your skills to an online world from being offline and never having worked online may not be as challenging as you think.

If you’re reading this, you’ve used a computer and / or smartphone.  I’m going to assume therefore you have at least basic computer skills.  You’ve more than likely posted on, or engaged with, social media, and you’ve typed online, used Google to do research, etc.

Here are a few courses that will get you started with skills that have a lower barrier to entry than things like coding / programming.  All of these career tracks have varying skill levels, but in general, the barrier to entry is lower than other fields and a good place to start.

These areas include:  Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeping, Social Media Marketing.

Entry Level Data Entry Courses 

A great way to get started online from any industry.  With just a computer and Internet connection, you can get started doing data entry.  This course shows you real examples and allows you to practice your skills.  A quick way to transition from offline to online remote work.

Entry Level Virtual Assistant Courses 

Another great way to get started with a remote job is by becoming a virtual assistant.  If you have office skills, are quick to learn new products and tools, and now would like to transition to remote full time, a remote virtual assistant is a great place to start.

Virtual Assistant training including how to land high-paying gigs.

Bookkeeping Basics 

If you have a calculator and like numbers, bookkeeping is a great place to start, and great for working remotely.  Learn about assets, liabilities, income, equity, and so on.

Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing 

A great beginner course and introduction to Social Media.

Looking for something else?  Or have the basics down already?  Take a look at some mid level remote work skills courses including SEO, advanced online marketing, digital marketing social media marketing, content marketing, programming / coding, and so on.


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