Travel the World Without Having to Stop

There are many ways you can earn money to travel.

For one, you can work your butt off until you have enough saved to go abroad… only to repeat the cycle.

But the true spirit of the long term traveler and today’s digital nomad is traveling without ever having to stop. Not always knowing when or where your next stop will be, having enough planned to keep you going, but enough flexibility to keep you curious and wandering.

There’s nothing like meeting a complete stranger while on the road, who, after cage diving face to face with great white sharks, do you form the most incredible bonds that cannot be replicated in normal every day life.

Having the flexibility to change course at a moment’s notice – BUT STILL be earning money is what truly makes a life of travel an ongoing amazing journey and adventure that never gets old.

Being able to sit down and enjoy a good coffee at a decent restaurant, pay for a flight on a moment’s notice, and be able to sleep in a hotel versus a dirt floor hostel if you get stuck somewhere is a stress-melting achievement.

Freedom to Live and Work Anywhere You Choose

With a laptop, strong and reliable wi-fi, and a power outlet, the doors of the world have been opened wider than ever before. You can truly pack your professional skills with you and travel – without ever having to stop… if that’s what you choose. Or, simply, have the freedom to work from wherever, whenever.

Through the Live Work Anywhere blog, the courses, and our products, you’ll be inspired to leave your day job, or re-structure it, you’ll learn how to get a remote job, how to manage your time – your daily routine and your productivity to stay productive while on the road, and for the more adventurous and entrepreneurial you’ll learn how to actually start and run a tech startup from the road.
The site Live Work Anywhere was created to help others know what I didn’t know before hitting the road, and what I continue to learn.

What this site is not – It’s not another ‘me too’ story of quitting my job to travel the world. I do have stories like that, and you can read about my own journey, but I am not new. I have nearly a decade of experience as a traveling entrepreneur. My wish is to help others, maybe you, who have the same deep desire and passion as I’ve had, get there too.

Here we combine practical knowledge with stories to keep you learning, keep you motivated, and giving back by sharing your own stories and knowledge.

You can learn more about me. Or, to share your story, reach out.

Above all, Enjoy the Journey!

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