30 day action plan to live work anywhere

Download and print the following form to get started on your 30 day action plan.  Once you have it filled out, post it up on your wall.  Make sure it’s in a place that you can see it every day.  Select only 1 of the 3 options.  In which way are you going to take the first step toward making your life more mobile?



If you prefer, write it out or copy/paste the following:


Over the next 30 days,

1) I commit to making the following change(s) to my routine:
(1-2 things you wrote down in the LWA intro course or see the article on routine)



2) One way in which I can make my business (or future business, or life) more mobile is by ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________  and I commit to making this change within 30 days.

(at least 1 point from mobility criteria list)


3) My top destination to begin my path as a global traveling entrepreneur is  ______________________(your top location)



I hereby declare that I am drawing a line in the sand and taking action!