Anywhere Startup

Traveling Entrepreneurs Build an Anywhere Startup 

We are: A collaboration of minds, cultures, talents, innovation, community, meals, lifestyles, creations, minimalism. The world’s brightest and best, highly motivated, digital startup nomads who commune to solve problems with a local impact and global scalability and give wings to the future game-changers of the world.

What we’re creating: A community of digital mobile entrepreneurs who are nomads, global thinkers with a passion for innovation, growth, and changing the world.

How: We bring together a few dozen of the brightest minds from a multitude of countries.  Different backgrounds, different skill sets.  We cross-polinate our cultures, share technical skills and expertise.  We throw ourselves into the unknown by staying in a foreign country for 30 days – with all strangers. We leave with long term friendships, more knowledge, having tasted new foods and explored new lands and languages, and lifetime memories.

What we build: Together we are tasked to build a startup focused in the mobile space.  The mobile app must solve a local need and have the ability to scale globally.  For example, an app for how to find wifi, built in Berlin, can also be used in NYC and Tokyo.

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The world is more connected. Information is digital. Access to information has changed the way the world thinks, interacts, and how we exchange words, money, and time. The days of being chained to a desk are gone. We are reconnected to our pioneer days – when we were free to create, innovate, to hunt, to dream, to roam the land, to claim property, put a stake in a ground and have ownership – To be entrepreneurs!

We are focused on minimalism, tech (particularly digital, social, mobile) and environmental products and services that increase productivity, decrease waste, and improve quality of life. All projects must have a local presence to serve the needs of the local community and the ability to scale globally. We want big thinkers, doers, creators, inventors particularly with a background in startups and who are driven to succeed.


The world is global. We are mobile. We are digital pioneers. Specialists, scientists, engineers. The Internet has connected all of us in a way that breeds interconnectedness. Bringing together minds from several cultures in one setting creates innovation based in diversity on a global scale.


Projects that the global minds of the future will create must have a local focus, meaning, supportive of the needs of the local community. Problems that can be solved, tested, give benefits at the local level, with the ability to scale globally.


We recognize that there is great responsibility in each community to be conscious of use, waste, and global footprint. Therefore as we move from hub to hub we live with minimal materialism to reduce our footprint and leave knowledge of a sustainable future for all.