Anywhere Startup Conference & Hackathon


The world’s very first conference & hackathon held on an airplane. Mid-air have speakers to kick off the conference.


To bring together the greatest minds to hack on solving problems of the digital nomad, of the anywhere entrepreneur or the freelancer who wants to travel all over the globe and beyond.

Figure out how to communicate seamlessly and how to run businesses seamlessly from Anywhere. Learn about other cultures and bring people together to spawn cross-cultural entrepreneurship and global cooperation.

Ultimate goal: to be able to work seamlessly from any planet in the universe. To put the first coworking space on the moon for the Anywhere Entrepreneur.


50 people 10 teams, plus 10 Elancers, 20 local culture
Intro and pitches day 1
Problem we are looking to solve
People hack on the same problem 10 teams compete to come up with a unique solution to solve the problem, i.e. how can we get cell phone service in Berlin.

Winning team gets prizes and investment.

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Day 0:
Opening party in NYC
Meet & Greet
Get reminders of what you’ll need out i.e. passport etc and next day schedule

Day 1:
Check in Thursday from 10-12 at airport
NYC – 6/12/14 @ 2 pm
Arrive Berlin pm get hotel room or stay at Air BnB or someone’s house
Keynote on plane and first pitches of what to hack on
Divide into teams, Each team assigned 1 person on Elance, all have wi-fi on plane

Day 2:
Conference /hackathon starts at 10 am the next day goes until 6 pm
Conference held at Coworking space with local speakers
Dinner break and learn about local culture in fun format
Go to beer hall

Day 3:

Morning tour of Berlin and city history
Conference / hack at coworking space from 12 pm to 6 pm
Dinner break and learn about Berlin culture in fun format
Event tbd

Day 4:
Last day, final keynote, pitches, winners announced
Spend final night in Berlin

Day 5:
Optional field trip and tour of Berlin with local guide and graffiti – tag the walls with hash tag

Free day

Day 6:

Plane back to NYC

* only eat Berlin typical meals while there and mingle with local culture and techies


Flight one-way NYC to Berlin $1,000
Lodging Berlin 5 nights $300
Food & Beverage snacks $100 per person
Wifi $50 per person

$1,450 min hard costs

Leads into 6 week course on Anywhere Startup in Berlin.

1 week NYC – Berlin

Hacking on communication problems
Package I – full package $2k
Package II “meet us there” or for locals – hack in Berlin conf only $500 and stay off site

Pitches happen at coworking space and awards etc then party before everyone goes home on the plane.

Startup school begins 1 week later.
Goes for 6 weeks.
At the end of 6 weeks there is a 2 week break.
AirHack begins 3 weeks later and goes from Berlin (or NYC) to next city.

Locals must be part of a team as well as 1 person from Elance (Elance prepares people ahead of time)

Local culture is of huge importance, local startup scene 

Hackathon Airplane Conference
Hack Air Con


Food and beverages will be provided by partners.

Goodie bags

Preztel crisps
Miir water bottles filled with water (note, just empty me before you get on the plane again and reuse me over and over, save on plastics, save on the environment)
Soda can or energy drink or vitamin water or coffee, glass bottle – diff flavors people can swap
Little mini espresso in can
Chips or piece of fruit