Contra: Freelance UGC TikTok/IG videos (3-5) at Braid Social

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Braid Social (launching soon) is an early stage tech startup whose mission is to help users form better relationships through mobile games. 

We’re a small, scrappy team with great technical experience, having worked at companies like Zynga, Nerdwallet, Coatue and Square. 

We’re looking to work with some content creators create UGC TikTok and IG videos/reels to drive awareness of our upcoming app and ultimately drive user adoption. We want to start on a trial basis (min 3 videos created) but if we like your style and enjoy working together, definitely see this becoming a longer term thing / building out a partner program or even having 1-2 creators become the early face of the brand. 

To apply: