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!IMPORTANT! The only way to apply for this job is to send us an email (read to the end). If you apply “on platform” thru this site, we won’t see or read your application and we know you didn’t read our ad. This job ad is different, show us you are too!

Hi! My name is Josh and I own Eco Office (website:, one the of the largest office furniture suppliers in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m happily ex-tech, having started, grown, bought and sold several tech and non-tech businesses. I’m an experienced entrepeneur 20+ years, and you’ll be working directly with me day to day and my right hand man Kenny. Having exposure to our unusual, entrepeneurial way of doing things will help grow your career and mindset.

Our workplace is different because of our people. It’s office furniture, which means it is kind of boring, but we make it fun. In the boring way, this job is easy, somewhat repeatable, and pretty low stress. It is full time, but it’s flexible and fully remote so you can make those doctors appointments and scramble your eggs at noon. Most importantly, I’m not a jerk, I will be invested in your happiness and growth, and every person on my team will too. I have a particular knack for attracting and retaining high-caliber, optimistic, positive people. There are only A players on our team, but you wouldn’t know that until you’ve been inside the business for a while.

In the fun way, we enjoy poking fun at ourselves and our products. For example, one of our trucks says this on the side: Office Furniture: Fast, Affordable and Gluten-Free (TM). We’re working on an ad campaign now that will poke fun at Silicon Valley tech bros who overpay for office furniture. Get my meaning? We do it a bit differently over here and we want your personality to roll with that and shine for our customers.

As for the job, you’ll be working most directly with Kenny who currently does triple duty as The Main Phones Guy (talking direct to new and existing customers), the Purchasing Guy (buying all the stuff we need to complete a large office order), and the General Purpose Admin. He’s a bit overwhelmed, so that’s where you come in. He will be your supervisor, and will train and mentor you from the start.

In basic terms here’s your main responsibilities –

1) You will become the Primary Phone Guy Or Gal. That means 8a-5p, M-F Pacific Time USA, you are the first voice new customers hear and you must be fully available any time the phone rings. You must be absolutely, truly, amazingly outstanding with people and on the phone. Our ideal candidate speaks English *first language only*, is optimistic and friendly (the type of person strangers at the grocery store tell their life stories to), and is a patient listener. Sometimes customers call and prattle on for 3 minutes straight about a chair they want. You need to be able to hang with that, not interrupting, and you have to learn our product line and how to really *sell* a customer in 3 mins or less, getting them interested enough to start talking pricing with a salesperson (you don’t close the deals, you just tee them up and get them excited). We’re going to test these skills in a mock customer call, so bring your A game. Bonus points for British or Aussie accent. Americans go nuts for this, don’t ask me why.

2) Purchasing: this is about details, details, details. Anyone can do it, but if you miss a line item, a customer might get a luxury fish tank when they ordered a couch, and that’s no good. Please make sure you have the patience for paperwork. If you have experience with Quickbooks (basic purchase orders only) please mention it. We can train this stuff as long as you are smart, organized and consistent.

3) Admin: insurance, government licenses, parking tickets. There’s just stuff. Not a lot, but some.

* The job is full time 40 hours a week
* The pay is 25/hr as a contractor, no benefits included
* It is fully remote and you can work anywhere as long as working hours are 8a-5p M-F (Pacific Time USA) – ideal candidates are within 3 hours difference of Pacific Time USA – looking at you Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, Texas, Canada, Idaho, Oklahoma etc
* You MUST speak English as a first language. MUST. We know this may be a hard one, but your mannner and skills on the phone are primary to this job.
* You must have a PeRSonALitY. If you are dry, monotone, impatient, etc this is definitely not the job for you.
* The responsibilities are phones/customer service, and light duty admin/purchasing
* We will provide you with a work computer
* You need to be able to think for yourself, ask questions, challenge assumptions and have an eye for Fixing Things We Aren’t Doing Well. We don’t just want someone transactional or robotic. That’s exactly not who we want.

Send me an email (goes directly to Josh only). In the *body of the email only*, write a letter that shows me who you are. What appealed to you about our job ad? Why do you want to work here? What is your schedule like? Specifically how is your experience and skills relevant? What are you doing now? What is your passion for gluten free office furniture? This is what gets you hired. If you try to ChatGPT this, I will know and you won’t get a response (remember, ex-tech bro here). But I will read every letter I get, and the candidate who gets hired is the one who shows me their personality, work ethic, positive attitude and enthusiasm – that’s what the email is for.

SUBJECT LINE: Gluten-Free Office Furniture
(PRO TIP: The subject line above is how we can tell you read our ad…. 🙂
SEND EMAIL TO: jobs24 at office dot eco
ATTACH: your resume (people always forget this in their enthusiasm, attach it first plz! then write your novel).

Josh, Gluten Free Office Furniture Wizard