Koas Agency: Social Media Account Manager


Job Position: Social Media Manager
Location: United States (Remote)
– Must be located in the US.
– Basic knowledge of Instagram.
– Ability to create and manage 4 new Instagram accounts from scratch.
– Content will be provided, must upload daily and engage with the algorithm.
– Must handle 4 individual Instagram accounts simultaneously.
– Minimum of 2-4 hours of time for the work per day.
– Must own an iPhone.
– Create and set up 4 new Instagram accounts.
– Upload daily content and ensure consistent engagement.
– Maintain a clean feed with good captions and interactions.
– Interact with the Instagram algorithm to maximize reach and engagement.
– Manage and oversee the growth of each account.
– Provide a daily report on activities and account performance.
A Job Training will be provided to ensure high-quality feed, captions, and interactions.
First month: $700 USD. (TEST MONTH)
Second month: $1000-1200 USD, depending on hours and additional social media tasks.
Long-term position possible based on performance, reliability and working attitude.
How to Apply:
If you’re excited to take on this role and meet the requirements, we’d love to hear from you! Please fill out this form: https://koasagency.typeform.com/to/hCvlLEbKedited 18:07