Mandarin Blueprint: Long-Form Video Editor

  • Marketing
  • Texas


  • As our in-house video editor, you’ll be helping us create amazing video content that will attract, educate, and entertain, with the goal of growing our audience and creating more leads and happy customers for our business.
  • Contract editor with an experienced editing and motion graphics background (premiere + after effects preferred)
  • Desired editing style: Similar to this, and this. Minimalist edits, smooth but nothing too fancy/over the top in production value.
  • Platform-savvy editing: Adapt your editing style to suit different social media platforms, ensuring content is always fresh, engaging, and optimized for platform-specific trends and audience preferences. 
  • Collaborative Ideation: Work with our team to brainstorm innovative video ideas that align with our brand and cater to our audience’s preferences. 
  • Project Management: Juggle various projects with finesse, effectively managing your time to meet tight deadlines without compromising creativity or quality.
  • Collaboration with team members: Respond to all questions and queries within a few hours ( within agreed-upon work hours) and participate in weekly meetings to report on progress and receive feedback. 
  • Feedback Integration: Embrace and incorporate feedback, using it to refine and elevate your work to new heights.
  • 3+ years of proven experience as a video editor, with a strong portfolio
  • High proficiency in video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, or Final Cut Pro.
  • An exceptional sense of visual storytelling, able to hook viewers in seconds and keep them engaged through longer content.
  • Flexibility to shift between different editing styles and trends, staying relevant in the ever-evolving media landscape.
  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills, thriving in a fast-paced, dynamic, creative environment.
  • Strong ability to understand and interpret creative briefs and to express your own creative ideas clearly.
  • Digital marketing knowledge and how to create high-converting VSLs a huge plus
  • Up to date with latest AI tools for improving efficiency of video production
  • Understands the importance of video metrics for marketing
WHY WORK FOR US: We aim to maintain an incredibly low employee turnover by maintaining the following standards:
  • Fixed, stable salary paid every two weeks
  • 20 paid vacation days (4 full work weeks)  annually
  • We maintain a polite, friendly, positive, helpful, and supportive team. 
  • As bosses we are reasonable and open to criticism and improvement.
  • We aim to leave you more employable than when you started with us. We’ll provide regular training (full access to Linkedin Learning, if you want/need it) to make you into a better editor. Should you decide to leave us one day, you’ll be even more 厉害 lìhài (awesome) than you are right now.
  • We are a heavily results-based, remote company. Providing deadlines are met and work is done well, you will be free to work to your own schedule. However, we will require you to be available for regularly scheduled meetings at reasonable times (eastern time, US).
  • Opportunities for professional development and advancement within the organization.