Realiste: Senior Business Development Manager

  • Developer
  • Dubai


About the Company:
Realiste AI is a pioneering force in the real estate investment sector, boasting a unique global position. Our revolutionary product fuels our rapid expansion, likening us to the “Google of real estate investments.”
We offer an exclusive array of real estate properties from institutional sellers, including developers, banks, funds, and companies. While our primary focus is on residential properties, we particularly emphasize new developments for their suitability in online transactions.
Founded in the UAE, we are now expanding our footprint into new markets. With real estate data from over 110 cities globally, our platform’s expansion is imminent.
 Our Working Style:
  • We prioritize innovation, data-driven solutions and customer satisfaction. We provide an edge over traditional methods, aiming to double clients’ earnings while minimizing risks.
  • Our clients come first. We win when our clients win.
  •  We often conduct trainings to ensure you’re equipped to close deals swiftly
  • Our team is spread across various cities worldwide, accustomed to remote collaboration and communication. Each team member is free to act, experiment and develop, bring their own initiatives
We are ready to offer cooperation on this position in the following cities: Valencia, Malaga, Barcelona, Madrid, Bali, Istanbul, Phuket, Bangkok, London, Riyadh, Miami, Abu-Dhabi and Singapore.
  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in management/business development (preferably: real estate developers, B2B).
  • Advanced/upper advanced proficiency in English.
  • Knowledge of Local language, along with local residenceship.
  • Degree in Management or Economics.
  • Flexible mindset; a person ready to adapt to the company’s demands.
  • Exceptional ability to rapidly form neural connections and adapt to changes.
  • Eagerness to be involved in new themes, markets, and technologies.
  • Self-starter, head-hunter mentality
The candidate is expected to:
  • Primarily focus on developing partnerships with real estate development companies in your city to acquire relevant properties and listings according to the company’s criteria.
  • Ensure properties are listed on the platform and manage commissions from developers to Realiste.
  • Contribute to the development of new products and business models for Realiste.
  • Establish an automated system for collecting market data and integrating it into the platform.
  • Handle partner-side accounting and drive it to a successful outcome, including precise and timely acquisition of listings, quality and timely processing of investor inquiries on the developer’s side, conclusion and payment of contracts for property acquisition, and commission payment to Realiste.
  • Actively engage with local realtors, making strong connections on the market, introducing them to the benefits of working with Realiste AI, helping them in deal-closure.
  • Prepare reporting documentation.
What We Offer:
1. Above-market income, to be discussed individually with the successful candidate after the interview process.
2. Opportunity to significantly enhance and refine your professional skills, with the potential to grow tenfold within a year.
3. Company stock options.
Please note that completing the onboarding process is a crucial step in our candidate selection process. You will receive a link to this process after applying for the position. The onboarding should take no more than 10-15 minutes, enabling us to quickly review your application and provide feedback. 
We highly value your time and welcome your feedback on our candidate selection process.