New York City Guide


New York City (NYC) is one of my favorite cities, and I even wrote a blog post about it that explains that it is like the whole world exists in this one city—an agglomeration of people from all walks of life. It’s also one of the major hubs in the USA for digital nomads.

This guide was designed specifically for traveling entrepreneurs. It’s meant to be a fluff-free guide so you can work productively while in New York City. It’s NOT a substitute for the Lonely Planet. Remember, the goal is to be able to work while on the go. We’ve prepared a basic survival guide so you can quickly and easily find an awesome place to live and great spots to work. And, we’re including a bunch of local tips to add to your experience.

For a digital nomad, New York City is not easy on the pockets, but is definitely worth it as long as you define your goals ahead of time and are being productive. If you look for a good short-term rental or sublet on AirBnB or Craigslist, you won’t have to worry about the whole first, last, and security deposit. You can spend your weekdays working out of coffee shops and coworking spaces and mingle with like-minded people the rest of the evening.

And on weekends, if you’re looking for good food, culture or to boost your creativity, you can take it straight to bottomless mimosa brunches and the Chelsea market. Stop by Mermaid Inn for dollar oysters and white wine before tapas in Soho. You can party in the Meatpacking District until 4AM after drinks on the Gansevoort rooftop, and still have energy to go for a jog in Central Park the next morning.

The good news is that most neighborhoods are likely to have coworking spots, or at least spots that are a quick train ride or Uber away.

Here is how this guide is broken down:

  • Getting around
  • Coworking Spaces
  • Productive Coffee Shops and Places to Mingle
  • Accommodation
  • Additional info, contacts & resources

Each section contains various pieces of helpful and relevant information that will make your trip to New York City easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.  With that, let’s get started! 

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Quick preview of the guide:

NYC Digital Nomad Full Guide - Live Work Anywhere

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Get the full NYC City Guide here