LWA Intro Course – Offline 

Don’t just take my word that you’ll be pounding your chest (and maybe jumping up and down), take theirs:

“I absolutely loved this class! Libby is a fantastic teacher–engaging, dynamic, and extremely helpful. I learned so much in such a short time and feel empowered to take my next steps towards Living & Working Anywhere. I highly recommend this class to anyone who has a passion for travel, business, startups, independence, and success!” – Jacqueline Boone

“Libby is a great teacher who does a fantastic job of both sharing her story and explaining how to apply the methods she’s employed to your own situation. I couldn’t recommend her enough.” – Austin Walne

“Libby was a fantastic teacher! I left with lots of great advice, inspiration and specific tools to help me work from anywhere!” – Sasha Pasulka

“Loved this class. It was full of useful information, but more importantly it exposed me to some great ideas. I went home and wrote up my 30 day plan and more importantly have made progress on it. Libby is a great teacher and willingly shares her knowledge and experiences.” – Kim Clements

“Libby is a positive, energetic teacher with an amazing lifestyle and a lot of ideas to share. She creates an environment where there is a lot of cross sharing between participants.” – Teri Johnson

“Libby is a clear concise teacher who speaks from experience which is incredibly inspiring. She upholds the success of her students and connects us to ways to see a pathway to our dreams in very practical accessible ways. I feel motivated and have not believed before that I had the tools to move on my dreams before.” – Clare Ruen

“Libby provided a lot of great information that will not only dramatically increase my productivity, but laid out a framework to think differently about how I conduct and envision my business. I particularly benefited from the exploration of designing a business that I can scale. This means a solid investment in the design of the enterprise can lead to long-tail revenue streams that do not require a lot of subsequent effort. Lastly, she did a great job of facilitating discussions within the group. I learned a lot from everyone (and hope I was able to benefit others as well).” – James Backlund