How to Get a Visa for Indonesia from the US

flag_of_indonesia-svgWhat do you need to know before traveling to Indonesia?

Need Visa?
A visa is not required to visit Indonesia unless you’re staying more than 30 days*. However, you just have to pay a visa on arrival right once there that only costs US$35. In other words, you get a 30-days visa once you get to the country and pay the fee.

More info: here

NOTE: If you stay for more than 30 days without applying for visitation visa, you may encounter yourself facing legal implications like deportation or imprisonment.  You can get informed and also apply for a visa here

If you apply for a visa, the procedure can take up to five days from receipt.

Before going to Indonesia, you need:

-An onward ticket, as a constancy that you’re returning to the United States.
-Prepare your Passport. Make sure that it’s not expiring soon, with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
-Have spending money

Embassy of Indonesia in USA:

The only place that you can attend or express your inquiries to is the Embassy of Indonesia. Here is the link to its website.

Quick tip: Make sure to have all of your paperwork ready ahead of time and it will save you tons of time!