How to Get a Visa for Russia from the US

russia-flagWhat do you need to know before traveling to Russia?

Need Visa? Yes
Processing time: 6-8 business days
Apply here

Before applying, you need:

-2 passport photos
-Registration (if staying longer than 7 days)
-Location where staying (see invitation below, AirBnb is ok with Waytorussia invite)
-Flights booked
-Proof of medical insurance
-$160 money order (or $300 for same-day processing; 263 for expediting)

*Invitation must be tied to a hotel or hostel. Must check first with them. Must stay for duration of stay at same location. Do not select individual. AirBnB apartment is okay to specify.

Or – to waive this location restriction and get invited via agency, you can go to WayToRussia site. Cost $30 single entry.

Here are a few consulates where you can get your visa.

Quick tip: Make sure to have all of your paperwork ready ahead of time and it will save you tons of time!

Consulate of Russia in New York 
Consulate of Russia in San Francisco
Consulate of Russia in Washington DC
Consulate of Russia in Houston

Note: If staying longer than 7 days, you will need to register. Many AirBnb hosts will not do this for you. For $35, Waytorussia will handle this for you. You must contact them within 7 days of your arrival to handle this. You must make photocopies of your travel docs and visa after you arrive.  You can take a photo of your documents and email them to WaytoRussia and they will process it without a problem.

Note: Credit card or airline when booking may have insurance that you can purchase. WorldNomad or AIG provide medical + trip coverage.  The prices may be higher if using an outside service.