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About Me & Press


  • Founder/CEO of &
  • Speaker, Mentor & Judge for Lean Startup Machine, the world’s largest LEAN Startup workshop event in which participants learn how to use customer development to effectively build, test and measure startup growth.
  • Co-organizer & Mentor for Startup Weekend, a 54-hour event where you create a startup in a weekend. This is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs who inspire, educate and empower individuals, teams and communities.
  • IGNITE Santiago Speaker
  • Boston University Guest Speaker Entrepreneurship Club
  • Startup Strategy Consultant for
  • CMO SureDone where I co-raised 500k seed funding from NY Angels
  • COO Talentspring, which was later acquired by TalentTech
  • Operations, Team Lead for

Where to find me online: 

  • Ignite Santiago “Anywhere Startup”-
  • Women 2.0 –
  • Mixergy –
  • oDesk Blog – 2014 –
  • Success Harbor –
  • JetSetter Show –
  • Unstuckable –
  • Outlier Magazine –
  • Save on Brew –
  • NorthWest Food Show –




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