Replacing Myself

I’m looking to replace myself as CEO of Beer2Buds and PromoBomb. I call these “Anywhere Startups” because I grew them while living and working from anywhere.

My goal now is to focus my efforts on empowering people to live and work from anywhere and to create anywhere startups.

What replacing myself will look like:

I will train my replacement how to create, grow, and scale an Anywhere Startup. I will continue to mentor and advise. I will make important business connections that will help grow the business. I will introduce to potential investors and acquirers.


Training on hiring developers, running scrums, agile development, mockups, wireframing, server administration, etc


Training on building a sales system, how to hire a sales team, how to scale to your first 100 sales as a SaaS startup, how to create sales scripts, how to use a CRM like Salesforce and Infusionsoft.

Managing Remote Teams

Will share management skills in general but also best practices for how to hire and manage a remote team.

Systems and Operations

How to create systems to promote seamless operations and great communication.

Criteria of Replacement

I am looking for someone who

– is willing to work for equity and grow their own sales
– willing to get on the phone and make sales
– is highly motivated to learn and win!
– will commit 1-2 years at minimum and take ownership of the business through to an exit

There will be
– Equity split
– Sales split

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