Live Work Anywhere

Live Work Anywhere is dedicated to seamless global entrepreneurship.


  • Improved network infrastructure for increased connectivity speeds, globally
  • Coworking spaces
  • Startup hostels, couchsurfing, and in-person meaningful connections
  • Skype, Google Hangouts
  • Startup (i.e. Startup Weekend and hackathons) collaborative projects in cities across the globe

Project & Audience

The project brings together

  1. employees in high tech companies
  2. up and coming entrepreneurs working in the corporate world
  3. entrepreneurs who are wishing to increase their travel time and not affect productivity
  4. startup employees wishing to work from anywhere

The audience comprises both travelers and entrepreneurs.  But the convergence of the two is the foundation.

The class, as well as the project, dives into the tools that these entrepreneurs will need to become more nomadic, leveraging digital communities – independent of location.  Additionally, how to create and manage virtual teams that also exist in these digital, high-tech infrastructure, communities.

Giving these traveling entrepreneurs places

  • to stay in a safe environment near other entrepreneurs
  • work in a collaborative, supportive work space near other entrepreneurs
  • leverage the collaborative mindshare and A-player talent pool


The audience is highly motivated.  They are wishing to travel more or become more entrepreneurial, or both, asap, but fear is stopping them.  The project mission is to alleviate that fear and to create a predictable “superhighway” and network for the entrepreneurs to launch safely from corporate world into startup world, with access to resources, including:

  • safe and productive working environment with strong wifi and power
  • network of other entrepreneurs
  • a safe place to stay with basic amenities for healthy living

They type of sponsor that would be a great match for this type of environment includes:

  • Software/Technology for startups – email marketing, landing pages, analytics, blogging platforms, web hosting, collaboration and project management, etc
  • Coworking spaces
  • Living spaces – i.e. hostels, bnb’s, homestays
  • Virtual employment marketplaces
  • Transportation – airlines, trains, other
  • Healthy Living – i.e. clean refillable water bottles, tea/coffee, bikes
  • Legal – startup incorporation, trademarks, International
  • Language software or trainings
  • Communications Technology – hardware and software
  • Traveling gear and equipment, particularly for laptop travel

All of the sponsorships are product placement based.  In other words, no big stickers and signs, but deep integration within the community for the opportunity for your brand to grow with this unique and growing breed of traveling entrepreneurs.  You will be at the forefront of this trend.

To learn about becoming a sponsor, please contact me.

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