Bank, Mail, and Ants

Today I was told from Bank of America that my visa card was ‘massively compromised’ and was cut off – rest assured, they sent a new card to my Seattle address…

I thought I was being well prepared by notifying the travel department ahead of time. However, this wasn’t the issue.  A random, compromise from a 3rd party that affected several accounts was all they would disclose.  So, basically, I’m S.O.L.

The options are:

1) emergency cash via Western Union

2) emergency debit card sent in mail

Let’s talk about the Nicaraguan mail system. ‘Overnighting’ probably takes 3 weeks, if it arrives at all.  It may get to the capital of Managua, but trying to navigate the roads, if they exist or if they aren’t being fixed for hours on end for several tire-piercing rocks or perhaps a sudden steep dropoff in the middle of the road into a deep river valley, and trying to find an address, if it exists, is a miracle.

An address might be ‘1 block south from the restaurant El Timon’ or ‘200 meters north of the beach, next to Sanchez store’, then the town name, no such thing as a postal code.

SOL… and i don’t mean the sun.

Actually, I am very fortunate that I decided to bring a backup debit card to another account.  This card was not compromised.  So, potentially (until my next adventure) I will have access to some funds. Hooray.

At least I can soak my feet in the pool to lessen the sting of the ants that bit all over my feet last night.  I ‘got in their way’, of course, and they were angry.  Ouch.  At least they didn’t get in my hair like a friend in Samara, Costa Rica.  I don’t know how long I could hold my head underwater!