Digitize Everything! How To Simplify your Life by Going Digital

Digitize Everything! How To Simplify your Life by Going Digital Live Work Anywhere

This is a follow up post to my posts about 4boxes, Dropbox, and Google Apps.

When making a change to simplify and become more mobile, it’s time to go through those old photos, CDs, DVDs, or any other types of media. That’s the easiest way to downsize— DIGITIZE!

CDs became mp3s.  DVDs can now be streamed by using a Netflix or iTunes account. So why not digitize?

Even if you don’t want to cut down on the number of things you actually own, it’s easy to streamline things. You can import CDs into an iTunes Library. Then back up that library using Dropbox. Then do the same with your DVDs. You can then donate all the physical media to Goodwill, or get money for them using CD Exchange.

Using a service like ScanCafe, you can have your photos scanned into a complete digital format. Use services such as Picasa or Flickr,. Even Facebook  can be useful in showing photos online eficiently. My suggestion, however, would be to always have a backup on a file storage service (like Dropbox), then select and showcase specific photos online.

It feels great to simplify and digitize and of course another benefit is that everything stays with you, no matter where you are in the world. It just makes life so much easier to enjoy!

How are you planning to downsize this year?

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