VoIP and Text for iPhone?

This article has been updated. See: https://liveworkanywhere.com/tools/can-i-text-via-sms-using-your-cell-phone-overseas-to-text

I love the iPhone and just got the latest 3Gs. Heaven! Almost…

When traveling I paid $60/month just to keep my number with AT&T and rarely used the number. As long as you can get connected with wifi, you should be able to use:


What are some of the services that exist? Let’s take a look:

VoIP –
> Does not offer service for 3G, this is disturbing to me, I hope they have a release announcement soon!

Text –
> Costs $5.99 for full version and sends texts to/from email
Google Voice
> Not an app and not yet listed in Google Apps for iPhone but promising from-web texting

So, in the hopefully near future, the iPhone will be able to be used strictly with wifi connections – no more expensive phone plans and international calling plans!

One thought on “VoIP and Text for iPhone?

  • I too use Google Voice with my Gizmo5 account. This way all calls I make from my PC using Gizmo5 and GV to anwehyre in USA/Canada is completely free.Google Voice can also call you back on your landline, or cell, and the calls are still completely free (free on your cell if you have free incoming cell minutes).I currently use it quite a lot while it is still free P.S.GV calls are only initiated from a PC.However, GV will call you back on ANY PHONE you choose including LandLines or Mobiles. Thus, you can have free calls on Landlines and Mobiles using the CallBack feature.

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