El Tunco, El Salvador

I’ve been busy posting on libbystravels.tumblr.com, anywhereprofessional.tumblr.com, and liveworkanywhere.com.

I thought it might be a good idea to do a quick post to summarize and point to the latest happenings on those sites. I took a spontaneous 30 hour road trip to El Salvador from Nicaragua. So here I am surfing and working in El Tunco in El Salvador, about an hour outside of San Salvador.

The waves are great but dangerous, the sun is so hot I’ve been swollen and burnt for 2 days. I have Internet access at the place where I’m staying, but, like I’ve found in many places, it can sometimes be slow. The people here are great, better in my opinion than Nicaragua. You can actually have a sense of trust, not short-term friendliness turned horribly wrong like Nicaragua, or the ‘don’t turn your back’ feeling in Costa Rica, or the ‘I feel like not letting you through the border without paying because I said so’ in Honduras. It’s cleaner and friendlier and other than the bad sunburn, I’m having a great time, enjoying the waves during the day, the fiestas and ambiance at night, and the 3/$1 bean and cheese pupusas in the street.

‘La Regia es mas barata y te pone …!’

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