Files on the Go: Mobile File Management for the Busy Traveler

Mobile File Management for the Busy Traveler Live Work Anywhere

About two years ago I was introduced to two file sharing services have that saved my life: and (formerly GetDropbox). As a traveler, I’ve had to deal with countless number of files lost after computers hard drives simply crashed. If it wasn’t that, I had to deal with laptops being stolen, or even external hard drives going bad … Read More

VoIP and Text for iPhone?

This article has been updated. See: I love the iPhone and just got the latest 3Gs. Heaven! Almost… When traveling I paid $60/month just to keep my number with AT&T and rarely used the number. As long as you can get connected with wifi, you should be able to use: VoIP Text What are some of the services that … Read More

Best Phone for International Travel

liveworkanywhere best phone international travel tmobile

Travel seamlessly around the globe by having a phone with an international plan that travels with you. Here is the best phone for international travel.

Skype versus Google Voice International Calling

Skype vs. Google Voice International Calling

One of the benefits, to me – now living back in the US, is Google Voice. US numbers only, I can call from my cell phone or landline and get low international rates: If I’m international, I can call my Skype using my Skype to Go number, then dial my Google Voice for 2 cents/minute and make international calls … Read More