Every bit of the experience IS the experience

Some people would say I’m not seeing enough. There are bus tours, walking tours, shops!

But the entire experience to me is all part of it. Yes I worked until 3 pm today in the hostel.  I only just came out of my hole.

But, I walked onto the cobblestone streets of the one of the oldest cities in North America.

I’m at Paillard having a chocolatine and a latte.

Last night I was out until late listening to drunk locals carry on about their great city.  I literally got a tour of Quebec at midnight from a tour guide who didn’t ask for a tip but who instead bought ME a beer.

That’s the real history. That’s the real culture. That’s the real Quebec.

Two local men arguing over a pint over the greatest local spots.

People who were willing to let me practice French and to teach me a few words – versus today they immediately switched to English when they heard me fail to pronounce “chocolatine” properly.

The streets are crowded with tourists today. But I feel very content knowing that I got to taste the heart and soul of the city.

Now back to my chocolatine!

0 thoughts on “Every bit of the experience IS the experience

  • Morgan says:

    I too feel that cities have two sides, the touristy part which is all nice and pretty but also the other more everyday part which we often don’t see. And even though these everyday aspects are not grand, they are the ones that give a city it’s charm and personality. I guess it’s the people that make the city, not the stone and brick.

    • I love your comment and I fully agree. It’s about the people and the every day that really present the personality of the city. Touristy things can be great for learning but they don’t always reveal the soul behind the city.

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