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I was recently in the archaeological museum in Montreal at a Marco Polo exhibit.  I didn’t know much about Marco Polo until this exhibit.  But what I learned inspired me.  There were many explorers and adventurers.   What is so interesting to me, side note, is that every one has a different story about the past.  Some people didn’t believe Marco Polo’s stories, some people said he was wealthy while others said he was poor.  Maybe it’s up to our interpretation – as with, arguably, all stories.

Marco Polo’s stories, however, were written and popularized while he was held in prison trying to leave China.  Had he not been in prison I wonder if he would have taken the time to write so much.

But his words inspired the famous journey of Christopher Columbus.  His stories were translated into many different languages before ever even leaving prison.

Why were people so fascinated?

Marco Polo’s message was to see the world in a new way.   Also, his books were used for learning about trade and commerce opportunities.

There are always new things to discover, new places, new people, and new experiences.  The world maps were still being formed at that time and the idea of some of the things Polo saw in China was so far fetched that they seemed impossible.  What are those unknown waters and lands today?  Are we so caught up in the world we know that we don’t wish to explore.

I caught the tail end of the guided tour, where the guide finished by saying “If he (Marco Polo) were alive today he would tell us to travel.  To see the world in a new way!  To experience, to tell, to share and give back by sharing the stories of our adventures.  

I thought – Why would the world want to listen to me?  There is SO much noise out there and I am not doing anything new.  But, each of us has story to tell.  I do have something unique to share – I have MY stories, stories that I hope will help others see the world in a different way, and inspire them to set foot on their journey and their travels.   Everyone has a story – tell yours.  


0 thoughts on “Tell Your Story! Travels of Marco Polo

  • Christina says:

    Definitely agree with the concept. My grandma was always an advocate of traveling and seeing the world to gain new insights. After visiting 35+ countries, I do agree that it’s a humbling but also enlightening experience.

    • Wow 35+ countries that’s great! My grandfather was also one of my biggest inspirations to travel the world. There’s so much to see if we’re open to it. Thanks for sharing.

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