Creating a Daily Routine to Ensure Long Term Success

Mobility Criteria 2. Develop a Daily Routine - Liveworkanywhere

Mobility Criteria #2: Creating a Daily Routine Want to make a real difference in your life? You can and this begins with the actions that you take each day. When you’re in the corporate world, your days all look relatively similar: Get up Get dressed Listen to the news Go to work Get coffee Check your email Go to a … Read More

Create Daily Milestones from Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Goals

Mobility Criteria 1. Create Daily Milestones - Liveworkanywhere

Mobility Criteria #1: Create Daily Milestones  Do you use Evernote, Trello, iPhone apps, or some other list-creating resource? There are so many apps and blogs and posts about how we can create and check off our lists BUT… We don’t always focus on list prioritization so we don’t get done the things we need to get done. And even when … Read More