Life Without a Cell Phone

Life Without A Cell Phone | Live Work Anywhere

From my home wifi, to airport seatac wifi, to SFO airport wifi, to Gogo InFlight, Boingo as backup, to rail Wifi on the BART… Convince me that I need AT&T. I’ve been without my phone for several weeks. Other than people asking me why I’m not using my other number, and me not being the best atreturning voicemails (same as … Read More

Where Will Tech Talent be Sourced In The Future?

Where Will Tech Talent be Sourced In The Future? | Live Work Anywhere

Here’s a hint: It’s not the United States. It’s not the UK. Give up? It’s Eastern Europe! Eastern Europe is predicted to be the next big source of tech talent. This may not surprise you if you’ve worked in startups who have outsourced tech talent to any extent. They’ll tell you that the best talent comes from Eastern Europe. Even … Read More to Launch StartMeeting launces StartMeeting

I’ve been using and to connect remotely with clients.  I have been happy with my service from FreeConferencing and had switched from Webex after testing it. But, I was wondering how FreeConferencing was planning to monetize with all calls and conferences being free and zero advertising… but today I found out how – with a sister company called … Read More