Factors determining where to Live/Work Anywhere

I just joined the Live/Work Anywhere network on www.liveworkanywhere.com. One question was regarding the factors that help you decide where to live and work virtually. Here were my responses: Climate – Weather that is too hot or too cold makes it hard to concentrate on work. Access to Internet – Internet access must be reliable and fast enough to keep … Read More

Global Traveler Essential Packing List 1

Trying to pack can be one of the hardest things to plan, especially if you’ll be gone for several months and through changing seasons or across several different climates. To save you a few hair-pulling hours, here are some of the basic necessities. The more creative you can be, the fewer situations you’ll find yourself in where you cannot find … Read More

Bank, Mail, and Ants

Today I was told from Bank of America that my visa card was ‘massively compromised’ and was cut off – rest assured, they sent a new card to my Seattle address… I thought I was being well prepared by notifying the travel department ahead of time. However, this wasn’t the issue.  A random, compromise from a 3rd party that affected … Read More