Every Minute of Your Time is an Investment

Every Minute of Your Time is An Investment | Live Work Anywhere

It’s a simple truth I learned early on as an entrepreneur: You can always make more money but you can never make more time. Each minute you have needs to be used, to be valued, to be invested. It’s all in the mindset. If you are writing an email with advice, could that email be turned into a blog post? … Read More

6 Tricks to Sell Out Your First Skillshare Class

Skillshare Infographic 6 Tricks to Sell Out Skillshare

1. Promoting If Skillshare already exists in your city….  great!  You can leverage their lists for distribution. If Skillshare is new to your city or doesn’t really exist yet, ask: What other business networks exist locally? What other networking platforms exist where you can post your content? For example: EventBrite Meetup groups LinkedIn Facebook Biznik Be careful of terms of … Read More

Where Will Tech Talent be Sourced In The Future?

Where Will Tech Talent be Sourced In The Future? | Live Work Anywhere

Here’s a hint: It’s not the United States. It’s not the UK. Give up? It’s Eastern Europe! Eastern Europe is predicted to be the next big source of tech talent. This may not surprise you if you’ve worked in startups who have outsourced tech talent to any extent. They’ll tell you that the best talent comes from Eastern Europe. Even … Read More

FreeConferenceCall.com to Launch StartMeeting

FreeConferenceCall.com launces StartMeeting

I’ve been using FreeConferenceCall.com and FreeConferencing.com to connect remotely with clients.  I have been happy with my service from FreeConferencing and had switched from Webex after testing it. But, I was wondering how FreeConferencing was planning to monetize with all calls and conferences being free and zero advertising… but today I found out how – with a sister company called … Read More

In Memory of Stephen Covey: Begin with the End in Mind

In Memory of Stephen Covey: Begin with the End in Mind | Live Work Anywhere

While teaching my first Skillshare class, I was in the middle of crediting Stephen Covey (one of my heroes) when someone in the class raised their hand. I called on them, and he said, “Did you know he just died?” I freaked out, and immediately checked pulled up Google. It was true. The day before class, Stephen Covey had passed … Read More

Why Do We Follow Systems Even When It Doesn’t Make Sense?

Why Do We Follow Systems Even When it Doesn't Make Sense LiveWorkAnywhere.com

Why do we always follow systems even when it doesn’t make sense? I’m not just talking about business—I’m talking about life. We don’t even realize we are trained, like dogs. To respond, to act. To exist. As I write this, I just went through airport security. I had spent the night at the airport, and my nerves were fried. But … Read More

Guts Not Grades

Guts Not Grades | Live Work Anywhere

Having a startup is about conviction. The most appropriate synonym that comes to mind when I think of entrepreneurs and startups is resilience. I compete with Ivy League grads for business who, disturbingly, many people look at in awe. Book knowledge and street knowledge are very different things. But, beyond knowledge are instincts and guts. Two things that can’t be … Read More

Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story Live Work Anywhere

Everyone Has a Story … It’s your story, you write it. These words echo often in my thoughts. Similar words were once said by internet entrepreneur Chris Michel when talking to a Harvard Business School class about entrepreneurship. It’s a story that continues to inspire me. As it was told to me, there was a student, from Brazil who said … Read More

Scrubbing Toilets in Malaga

Scrubbing Toilets in Malaga Live Work Anywhere

I once said I would do whatever it took to go overseas and earn income, even if I had to scrub toilets with a toothbrush in Malaga, Spain. Thankfully for the Internet, I can go to Malaga to brush my teeth and not the toilet. It’s not that easy to uproot, to find a job, to pay for travel expenses, … Read More