Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story Live Work Anywhere

Everyone Has a Story … It’s your story, you write it. These words echo often in my thoughts. Similar words were once said by internet entrepreneur Chris Michel when talking to a Harvard Business School class about entrepreneurship. It’s a story that continues to inspire me. As it was told to me, there was a student, from Brazil who said … Read More

Lion in the Wild: Why Entrepreneurship is a Natural Choice

Lions In The Wild Why Entrepreneurship Is a Natural Choice For Many LiveWorkAnywhere.com

One of my favorite articles is by Paul Graham, entrepreneur, investor, founder of Y Combinator. I quote it often and I wanted to give it a shout out. It’s called You Weren’t Meant to Have a Boss. Paul likens an entrepreneur to a lion in the wild. He says: “I was in Africa last year and saw a lot of … Read More